Face to Face - Inside Outside

Player lightly touchers the ball inside with the inside of the foot and quickly takes the ball away with outside of the same foot. 

Coaching points.

  • Players must accelerate out of the move
  • A slight lunge using upper body movement when performing the first part of the move will deceive the opponent
  • This move can be used from a stationary position.

Face to Face - Scissors

Player fakes to pass with outside of foot,  steps around the ball with the same foot and takes ball away with the outside of opposite foot.

Coaching Points. 

  • Step around the ball in a low tight circle
  • Keep low & exaggerate upper body movement to deceive defender
  • Take ball past opponent using outside of opposite foot

Side by Side  - Inside / Outside Cuts

Fake to Strike the ball but instead cut the ball slightly backwards with inside or outside of your foot to change direction.                                

Coaching points.

  • Exaggerate upper body movement to unbalance opponent
  • Keep body low to shield the ball and retain good balance
  • Perform the move at speed
  • The ball must be cut slightly backwards to create space
  • When running with the ball, shield it by keeping it on the side furthest from opponent

Side by Side - Step Over & Spin

The player quickly steps around the ball, faking to pass, they tehn spin with step over foot and take the ball in the opposite direction with opposite foot.

Coaching Points

  • When being tracked by an opponent from the side, shout out a team-mates name to exaggerate movement
  • Spin quickly out of the move
  • Step over foot should always be the one furthest from the opponent

Diagonal Attack - Flick Behind

Whilst dribbling at pace with opponent alongside, flick the ball behind the standing leg using the front part of the sole or the inside of the foot to create space and time.                        

Coaching points.

  • Shield the ball on opposite side of opponent
  • Flick or roll the ball behind the standing leg at a slight angle to create  more space
  • Change direction quickly

Diagonal Attack - Drag Back

When being challenged from the side fake to strike the ball but instead drag the ball back with the sole of the same foot and push off in the opposite direction using the inside or outside of the drag back foot.                     

Coaching points.

  • Exaggerate the fake strike of the ball
  • Drag back must be executed quickly
  • Get the ball out your feet to clear the incoming opponent
  • To be successful the timing of the  move is crucial

Face to Face - Side Step

The player fakes to pass the ball with the outside of the foot but instead steps behind the ball and takes it in the opposite direction with the outside of other foot.

Coaching points:

  • Use eyes and communication to disguise the pass
  • Exaggerate upper body movement to deceive and unbalance the opponent
  • Short step behind the ball is all that is required

Face to Face - Sole Drag Back

The player drives forward and when being confronted by an opponent, the player quickly drags the ball across the body with the sole of one football and then takes the ball forward and past the opponent using the opposite foot. 

Coaching points:

  • Drag the ball quickly across the body
  • Accelerate out of the move
  • Attack opponent at a slight angle as this will create more space when executing the move
  • Timing of the move - being aware of distance when performing the move (not too early - not too late)

Side by Side - Stop Turn

The player dribbles forward, jumps over the ball and stops with the sole of the foot. After landing beyond the ball turn quickly and take the ball away in the opposite direction.

Coaching Points: 

  • Do not hesitate when jumping over the ball
  • Use light touch with the sole of the foot when stopping the ball
  • After changing direction accelerate out of the move.

Side by Side - Outside Foot Spin

When running with the ball the player must get two feet in front of the ball before spinning around 180 degrees and taking the ball away with the outside of the right foot or left foot depending on the direction decided. This is an ideal move for creating space in front of goal.

Coaching Points: 

  • Get in front of the ball and allow it to go through your legs before turning
  • Turn and spin quickly to create more space and time
  • Shield the ball (have body in between ball and opponent)

Diagonal Attack - Drag Back & Pass

When the attacking player is challenged diagonally from the side the player shields the ball, drags the ball back past the heel of the standing leg and the taps the ball behind the leg with the inside of the drag back foot.

Coaching Points: 

  • Fake to strike the ball
  • Position your body between the challenging player and the ball
  • The drag back foot is always furthest from the opponent
  • After tapping the ball behind the standing leg accelerate out of the move

Back to Goal - Drag & Turn

The player receiving the ball has their back to goal with a defender close behind. On receiving the ball the player turns side on and drags the ball away to the side with the sole of the foot nearest to the defender. 

Coaching Points: 

  • Timing of the move
  • Check shoulder before receiving the ball
  • Pull away from defender to create space for executing the move
  • Drag back and turn has to be quick and positive